imc UAE - 2021

4 th International Media Conference-2021 Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Pakistan Media Development Foundation
What we believe in:

PMDF has been established solely to support and strengthen the fraternity of professional working for media. The widest possible definition / commutation the word Media will be practiced, so that we can include professionals from TV, Print, Radio and field of journalism. The platform is unique, in that all media groups and organizations working in the field of media will be a part of the foundation. We believe in ethical and responsible journalism and sure that media is a power which can change the minds even the world. The need is to practice the positive journalism with a patriotic approach.

  • The objective of this strategic conference is to provide a platform of connectivity to international journalists and media community; enable healthy dialogues for professional growth of journalists to play their active role in the society. Collective recommendations shall be made after discussions among journalist fraternity insights to improve, revisit and revise the media curriculum

  • Connectivity with the world to achieve the freedom of expression

  • Its main aim to empower, strengthen, support, facilitate and educate the media community and to provide them with security under our umbrella

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